Italy is the country where EDUACTIVE has set its headquarters and where most of the interventions are being operated.

So far we have developed more than 100 EduActions covering the Northern and Central part of the Country, specifically in the areas of Turin, Milan, Parma, Bologna and Rome. Eduactive has been proudly supporting public institutions, local governments and companies on the creation and the execution of different types of empowerment programs for young people. 

EduActions have successfully included, but are not limited to: 

i) EduModels – practical simulation of the work done by International Organisations and Committees (UN, EU, COE, ecc) as well as the work of their respective agencies; 

ii) EduChallenges – practical simulation of real life company issues, crisis, case studies;

iii) Edu2030 – set of educational projects that explain the Agenda 2030, its 169 targets and the role of each and every citizen, together with the governments in order to achieve it;

iv) EduCareer – set of practical activities meant to enable young people to build their own professional portfolio (cover letter, curriculum vitae in different formats, motivational letter, P11) and attitude tests/interviews for academic and professional contexts. 

v) EduEmpowerment – concrete set of project proposals designed and developed by our alumni to tackle and resolve concrete issues in their local communities.
Each EduAction is mainly developed in English.