Take a look on what we wrote, where we discussed and presented on #EduActions #youthempowerment #entrepreneurship and few other interesting topics.

Through our youth work first and EduActions consulting services and activities later, we at Eduactive have had the chance to look at the beautiful world of youth empowerment from both ends of the spectrum: the clients and the beneficiaries. This unusual and the same time privileged position (perks of being a young person and running a social business) allows us to have a critical eye, while at the same proposing constructive ideas and solutions on building bridges between young people and institutions/private sector, actively empowering young people in the society life, diplomacy, Agenda 2030 and more topics we are passionate about. Here, we share our humble press review with all our contributions, hoping to start new and exciting constructive discussions that can benefit, raise the bar and open the floor to new concrete interventions. 

Take a look…and please tell us what you think or let us know if you have any ideas for mutual collaboration.